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GO LOUD...quietly.

Silent Events

By using our diverse headphone packages, you can book unique, interactive events that fit every need and budget. Whether you are a fitness guru looking to run a small class, a large conference needing multilingual or accessibility options, hosting a sensory-friendly dance for students, or planning a wedding reception with different genres of music for everyone in the family, Wub Labs has you covered!

Silent disco with guests dancing with headphones

How It Works

Silent events allow you the flexibility, ease and fun of using headphones to entertain or interact with your guests through color! We have diverse packages to fit any need and include:

  • 25-100 headphones with color-switching and volume control features

  • 1-3 standard transmitters (aka channels that each have their designated color of red, green, or blue)

  • 1-3 colorful LED strips displaying what's playing on each channel (in its corresponding color)

  • Add-on live DJ services, plug-and-play playlists, or wireless mic options

On the day of your event, we give you a worry-free, full-service experience. We will set up, break down and 100% manage all elements of the equipment including security, thoroughly disinfecting the headphones, and will remain onsite for any ongoing needs. Reach out today to book a truly memorable event!

Benefits of Silent Events

Young people dancing at silent disco party in back yard

Noiseless Fun

Bypass sound ordinances with no disruption in areas that your event may be in a quiet setting or run later into the evening 

Business professional presenting using headphones at an expo.

Speaker Range

Say goodbye to loud microphones to reach your guests by having a headphone range of a quarter mile

A tour guide is giving a tour to attendees wearing headphones

Accessibility Features

Engage all participants with clear communication pathways using multilingual channels or volume control for accessibility

Guests dance at a silent disco event with headphones on.

Interacting Colors

Create a colorful dance experience for guests as they engage with one another while glowing on the dance floor

DJs Cole Trickle and Yante are playing music at a silent disco event.

Genre Diversity

Choose from any three different genres of live DJ music or playlists, ensuring everyone has something to enjoy

Guests watch an outdoor movie using silent event headphones.

Zero Maintenance

Provide a sanitary, unique, fully-serviced event with no hassle of maintenance or management

Events We Support

Business Events
Office Parties, Press or Board Meetings, Conferences, Showcases & Presentations, Multilingual Events


Private Events
Weddings, Birthdays, Retirements, Family Gatherings, VIP Parties


Entertainment Events
Live Concerts & Festivals, Performing Arts, Outdoor Movies, Live Trivia


Educational Events
Sensory-Friendly School Dances, Orientations, Guided Tours, Senior Education


Health & Wellness Events
Fitness Classes, Music Therapy

Host and guest are conducting a silent interview using headphones

Book Your Silent Event Today!

Get your unique event on the calendar! We are readily available 24/7 for any booking requests or inquiries.

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